What is CareSavings?

CareSavings aims to maximize the value of the health benefits that your company provides. You spend money twice in healthcare

1. Select health insurance plan: Pay premiums and put money away in a FSA/HSA to save on taxes

2. When you use care: Pay copay, coinsurance, deductible

CareSavings empowers you to save thousands of dollars when you select your plan, OR get good quality care at a less expensive price

The savings potential for a Bolt Threads employee: $5,500


1 Select Plan:

Your total healthcare costs =
Your premium (determined by plan chosen)

CareSavings helps you pick the most optimal plan  among Anthem’s PPO, HMO, HDHP plans or Kaiser plan

Done right, you can save up to $5,500

Savings Potential from PPO to HSA
Low Usage High Usage
Employee Up to $2,360 $311 to $1,276
Employee+Spouse Up to $5,130 $792 to $4,023
Employee+Child(ren) Up to $5,089 $1,182 to $3,691
Employee+Family Up to $6,265 $921 to $5,074

2 Use Care:

Demo in January

Helps you save money on some of the most common care needs.

These include:


Spend 10 minutes. Get $75, and save up to $5,500

  1. Register: Download the app from Appstore or Playstore, and register using code “BOLT”. See video.
  2. Get Cost Estimate: Login => Enter basic details => “Provide expected 2023 usage” => Get estimated costs. Listen to the audio and click on the plan that works best for you.
  3. Get $75 Reward: Check the estimated costs, listen to the summary, scroll down and click on the button to get $75.
  4. Get $10 for each referral: Refer your colleague and get $10 when your colleague signs up. One unique registration per employee
    Cheatsheet: HDHP plan is a great recommendation for low and very high healthcare users. Remember you need to hit the deductible before insurance pays out, and maximize your HSA contributions.


  • HDHP is the least expensive if 
    • If you do not use a lot of healthcare OR 
    • If you hit the out-of-pocket family maximum

See the table below. Assumes you will maximize your HSA contributions

  • With HDHP, you pay up to the deductible first and then the insurance pays a percentage till the out-of-pocket maximum
  • Often the savings generated from moving from a non-HSA to an HSA plan alone should cover your HSA contribution
  • Both HDHP and PPO plans have the same network
    • CA: Prudent Buyer PPO
    • non-CA: Blue Card PPO
Estimated savings potential on selecting HDHP and maximizing HSA
Low Usage High Usage(HMO to PPO)
Employee Up to $2,360 $311 to $1,276
Employee+Spouse Up to $5,130 $792 to $4,023
Employee+Child(ren) Up to $5,089 $1,182 to $3,691
Employee+Family Up to $6,265 $921 to $5,074
Low utilizers: 50% of all employees are low utilizers. See here
High utilizers (worst case): assumes out-of-pocket individual/family max
Actuals depend on your tax situation and usage

User Scenarios

Three minute demos

  1. Denzel is a single person who takes expensive infusions and visits specialists. See screenshots
  2. Tom and Rita are a family with 2 children: Not much healthcare usage. See videoscreenshots

Rewards and Referral Bonus

  1. Get $75: Login=> Enter your basic details => “Provide expected 2023 usage” => Get your estimated costs => Listen to summary => Select the plan(HDHP or PPO) => Listen to summary => Scroll down to “Collect $75 Reward”. See screenshots here
  2. Get $10 for every referral that signs up to CareSavings
    a. Login => More => Share => share via text, Whatsapp, email, slack etc.
    – You get $10 for every employee who uses your code to sign up to Care Savings. An employee can sign up only once

Healthcare Costs in Retirement

Assumes: You use $1,000/$2,000 every year, and hit out of pocket max of $3,000/$6,000 every 3 years

Age Single Non-Single
30 $372,745 $717,686
40 $172,848 $328,789
50 $65,119 $120,175
60 $12,085 $20,340

Return calculated at: 6%
Source: Moneychimp


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