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Consultant, Agency, Third Party Administrator, Carrier or Customer Service Company.


Big-data engineers, data-scientists, coding & billing experts, behavioral finance experts, physicians and pharmacists.

Healthcare Reimagined

Personalized, actionable and measurable, decision platform that reduces cost.

Differentiate Yourself

Minimize external threats.

Leverage deep data analytics as a competitive advantage.

White label solution customers and member appreciate.

Boost Revenue

Increase market share & win more business.

Minimize churn and increase customer loyalty.

Upsell value added services to existing clientele.

Happy CFO & Members

Implement actionable cost reductions that lower aggregate costs.

Provide member specific cost reduction and health improvement solutions.

Soothe client pain points and add measurable value.

What We Do

HealthLucid provides you with real solutions to the most challenging problems your clients face: Member Satisfaction and Total Costs.

Our platform helps companies get more out of their healthcare investment while taking better care of their people.

Agile Healthcare Analysis

Get answers in seconds. Understand healthcare utilization from over 20 Billion scenarios across 30+ dimensions.

Actionable Member & Plan Sponser Cost Savings

Actionable cost saving recommendations for ASO customers. Personalized recommendations at the member level. E.g. include prescriptions, lab centers, tele-health, avoidable emergency, radiology centers, ambulatory centers, highlight gaps in care and centers-of-excellence.

Concierge Service Plugin

Intuitive “Members First” dashboard provides personal recommendations to reduce costs or improve health.

Effective Branding Updates

White label solutions elevate your brand authority at every customer touchpoint

Accelerated Reporting

Forget annual/quaterly reports. Get updated actionable insights every month.

Quick Onboarding

Launch within 60 days with less than 30 hours of personal responsibility. Quickly mitigate at-risk accounts and impress new clients

Customer Testimonial

“This is holy grail of our work. With HealthLucid, the challenge of looking into the future and being responsible for identifying what might happen and then determining what to do about it gets a whole lot easier and way more effective."

Bill Lavis, Brown & Brown Insurance.

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