• Big-data + Analytics + Personalization

    Smart healthcare decisions. Big savings

  • Employees

    Make personalized cost saving informed decisions in the entire healthcare life cycle

  • Employers

    Get custom cost saving recommendations, realtime analytics and strategic insights for budgeting and planning

  • Agencies, Brokers and TPAs

    Wow your clients with smart tools that change their lives. Increase your revenue

A no-cost, decision-making platform that leverages big-data analytics to revolutionize healthcare for large employers and their employees


Help your people make the best possible decisions

HealthLucid gives your employees a HIPAA-compliant personalized platform that analyzes their health data and helps them make the best choices.

Plan selection

Personalized health-plan selection based on past and projected use (doctors visits, drugs refills and elective procedures), along with recommendations for FSA, HSA or HRA set-asides

Plan utilization

Rich analytics on your current healthcare use

Value based cost transparency

Personalized cost comparison on procedures, labs and drugs along with high quality information on physicians and hospitals

Cost saving recommendations

Personalized cost-saving recommendations based on utilization and employer programs


Personalized alerts on excessive charges

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Revolutionize your healthcare offer

HealthLucid changes the whole healthcare game. It gathers and analyzes a huge range of healthcare data to deliver:

Custom cost saving insights

Custom recommendations that guarantee savings

Budgeting and forecasting

Predictive analytics tool that make an impact

Rich actionable analytics

In near-real time – from over 5 billion scenarios

Chronic condition landscape

Identify populations with comorbidities for targeted wellness programs

SaaS offering

All with minimal IT setup – fully cloud based

Happier, healthier employees

Empower them with exactly what they need

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Agencies, TPA, brokers

A game-changing opportunity for third parties

The brokerage business is under threat from technology providers that seek to drive down costs by eliminating third parties – at the cost of the experience, judgment and industry knowledge they bring to the sector. Now, at last, there’s a technology company that will work with you rather than against you. HealthLucid offers:

Wow your clients

Address their core pain. Give them smart cost conscious decisions-making tools. Empower them with big measurable savings

Solidify your position

Sustainable competitive advantage in an increasingly unstable marketplace

Earn additional revenue

Provide  value added services. Leverage this to get new clients

Low maintenance partnership

Quick onboarding. All cloud based. Realtime metrics empowers you with what really works

SaaS offering

All with minimal IT setup – fully cloud based

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