What is CareSavings?

CareSavings aims to maximize the value of the health benefits that your company provides. You spend money twice in healthcare

1. Select health insurance plan: Pay premiums and put money away in a FSA/HSA to save on taxes

2. When you use care: Pay copay, coinsurance, deductible

Care Savings is about empowering you to save thousands of dollars when you pick a plan, and get good quality care at a less expensive price.


1 Select Plan:

Your total healthcare costs =
Your premium (determined by plan chosen)

CareSavings helps you pick the most optimal plan between “Cigna HDHP” and “Cigna PPO 250”

Done right, you can save up to $5,600

Savings Potential from PPO to HSA
Low Usage Medium Usage High Usage
Employee $2,887 $1,878 $1,695
Employee+Spouse $5,612 $3,315 $1,470
Employee+Child(ren) $5,324 $882 $4,693
Employee+Family $5,485 $1,919 $5,088

2 Use Care:

Demo in January

Helps you save money on some of the most common care needs.

These include:

Quickstart in 3 steps

  1. Register: Download the app from Appstore or Playstore, and register using code “APVR”. See video.
  2. Get Cost Estimate: Login => Enter your basic details => “Provide expected usage” => Get your estimated costs. See which scenario works best for you.
  3. Get Reward: Finish it and get $50. Refer your friend and get $10 when your colleague signs up.
Done right you can save Up to $5,600

User personas

  1. Denzel is a single person who takes expensive infusions and visits specialists. [HDHP] Video
  2. Johnny and Lori are a married couple with fairly high healthcare needs.[PPO] Video
  3. Brad and Angelina are a married couple with regular healthcare needs. [HDHP]  Video
  4. Emma is a single mom: She wants to pick a plan for her 10 yo son and herself. [HDHP] Video
  5. Morgan and Jeanette are a family with 2 children: One has some medical needs. [PPO] Video
  6. Tom and Rita are a family with 2 children: Not much healthcare usage. [HDHP] Video

Rewards and Referral Bonus

  1. Use the app to select a plan that you plan to use
    Login => Enter your basic details => “Provide expected usage” => Get your estimated costs => Select the plan(HDHP or PPO) => “Collect $50 Reward”. See screenshots here
  2. Get $10 for every referral that signs up to CareSavings
    a. Login => More => Share => share via text, whatsapp, email, slack etc.
    – You get $10 for every employee who uses your code to signup to Care Savings. An employee can signup only once
Done right you can save upto $5,600

Our mission is to make healthcare affordable and meaningful!



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